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Croop-LaFrance, Inc. is a prime contractor on GSA 8(a) STARS II, Contract GS-06F-0982Z, which allows us to receive direct awards.

To make a direct award under 8(a) STARS II, our customers must:

Step 1. Verify that the scope of work fits the functional areas awarded to Croop-LaFrance:

Functional Area:
  • Constellation 1, Functional Area 1, NAICS # 541511 (CIFA1)
    - Custom Computer Programming
  • Constellation 1, Functional Area 2, NAICS # 541512 (CIFA2)
    - Computer Systems Design
  • Constellation 1, Functional Area 3, NAICS # 541513 (CIFA3)
    - Computer Facilities Management
  • Constellation 1, Functional Area 4, NAICS # 541519 (CIFA4)
    - Other Computer Related Services

If you need help in determining good fit, just call Joseph Cavano at (315) 361-7747

Step 2. Review the 8(a) STARS II Ordering Guide http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/103087

Step 3. Define the requirement by drafting a Performance Work Statement (PWS) or Statement of Objectives (SOO)

Step 4. Define the anticipated data and software you need Croop-LaFrance to deliver

Step 5. Define the government cost estimate for the project

Step 6. Identify a source of funds and develop a funded purchase request or equivalent document

Step 7. Identify a schedule milestone for the project

Step 8. Send all documents to you local Contracting Officer to process the requirement through the 8(a) STARS II Contracting Officer

Croop-LaFrance would be pleased to assist you in the development of the required documents identified in Steps 3-7. Please contact:

Joseph Cavano
Director of Business Affairs

Phone: 315-361-7747
Email: joseph.cavano@onenterprises.com
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