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Croop-LaFrance is a tribally owned small business which enables flexible contracting for our government clients. Providing efficient and consistent IT support services and solutions has enabled us to deliver meaningful business value to industry leaders and bring those best-in-class solution capabilities to our government clients. Client satisfaction and repeat business is a testament to our competencies.

SeaPort-e Program

SeaPort-e Task Orders

To date, Croop-LaFrance has not been awarded a SeaPort-e Task Order

SeaPort-e POC

Croop-LaFrance SeaPort-e zone task orders are centrally managed at corporate headquarters. All correspondence should be directed to:

Joseph Cavano
Director of Business Affairs
Phone: 315-361-7747
Email: joseph.cavano@onenterprises.com

Quality Assurance Program

Croop-LaFrance utilizes the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) and the processes and tools associated with Lean Six Sigma and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to deliver effective and efficient services and solutions to our customers. This ensures that a continuous process improvement quality loop is in place for the life of the engagement. Quality Control Plans (QCP) enforce the standard that quality is the responsibility of every employee; therefore, every employee is charged with successfully completing his/her duties while continuously searching for, and recommending ways to, improve existing processes. Experience has proven this approach ensures employee accountability; improves task efficiencies; increases customer satisfaction; and promotes cost control on a contract-wide basis.

The QCP serves as the procedural framework for the responsive approach to meeting or exceeding the requirements of the contract. It is intended to be a living document that will be revised to comply with changing requirements throughout the life of a contract. Quality Control personnel are knowledgeable and experienced in the requirements and procedures shown in the Performance Work Statement (PWS), and will utilize this document in the performance of their duties. Independent and objective corporate oversight is provided for each Government contract to support the program and to ensure program-level management is following the plan.

Seaport-e Team Members

Croop-LaFrance, Inc. is strategically teamed with Rome Research Corporation to offer the best solution to SeaPort-e customers.

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